How to choose your doors among the many models available?

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How to choose your doors among the many models available?

Doors are available in a wide range of styles, so it should be possible to choose one that meets your needs and preferences. There are many options because of the wide variety of opening mechanisms, designs and materials available. You will therefore make your decision based on aesthetic and functional considerations.

Opening systems

The most popular door model: the swing door

The single or double leaf swing door swings open vertically. The door can be opened in any direction, as long as it does not impede pedestrian traffic and is in harmony with the rest of the room's design. This type of door can only be installed if there is at least one meter of space on each side. For this reason, it is a bulky model that has difficulty fitting into small spaces. Studio owners should turn to folding or sliding models.

Pivot door, new ideas prevail

Similar to a swing door, but with a hinge on one side or in the middle instead, a pivot door allows for easier opening and closing. As a custom project, this type of door will cost more than a standard door, so it's important to plan accordingly if you want to make an impact on your guests.

Save a lot of space with a sliding door

Sliding doors are both aesthetically pleasing and discreet, making them perfect for small spaces. Unlike a swinging door, it creates a large opening and frees up the entire room. Both sliding and overlay systems can be installed. These are two completely different styles. The overhead door is discreet and tasteful. When closed, it almost disappears into the wall. When open, it disappears entirely into the casing. Planning the installation at the time of wall construction can save time and money. The sliding door track is highlighted by the surface installation. This is a fantastic accent, and is especially well suited to industrial-themed rooms.

Folding doors are both space and cost efficient.

Folding or expandable doors, usually constructed of wood, are practical for apartments with limited space. They can be installed in no time as they are mounted on a track that is screwed to the ceiling and fold up like an accordion. Although it is most often used as a closet door in the kitchen or bathroom, it is not prohibited to use it in any part of the house.

Materials used

Always popular, wood is a timeless commodity

Wooden doors are widely used in interiors and can be interpreted in a dizzying array of styles, colors and species, resulting in an almost limitless number of aesthetic outcomes. Wooden doors are a great option because they offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, both of which are important to any given room.

Glass doors, to meet all expectations

Glass doors, which can be colored, frosted or reflective, offer the benefits of natural light while maintaining a degree of privacy. When making your choice, keep in mind the durability of glass and its ability to withstand impact. Doors that combine glass and wood or glass and aluminum come in a wide range of designs, just like wood doors. Glass doors attract fingerprints and require regular cleaning from the chore bored and the perfectionist.