Why choose the virtual tour in real estate?

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Why choose the virtual tour in real estate?

New technologies like virtual reality allow users to experience a realistic environment from the comfort of their personal computer or mobile device. Virtual tours can be very useful in the real estate industry, both for renting and selling homes. It is the best method to showcase your home for sale. Find out the main benefits of this technology in this article.

What is a "virtual tour"?

Created with specialized cameras, 3D virtual tours allow you to visit a room, a floor or an entire building from your mobile device.

The most useful virtual tours are those that allow you to move freely through the space, exploring different angles and perspectives to get a sense of the property's layout.

Some even feature clickable data points that expand on the basic information in the listing, such as highlighting the best features of the property.

The ability to virtually visit a property has grown with the development of new technologies. A real visit can never compare to the incomparable and immersive experience created by this method.

What is the purpose of a 3D virtual visit when renting or selling a property?

The potential tenant or buyer can use the virtual tour to "walk" through the house at their own pace, which facilitates the selling or renting process. The presentation of a property in a virtual tour is much more coherent than a collection of still photographs. A potential buyer can get an idea of the space inside the building and see how the different rooms are connected to each other. Therefore, there are a lot of question marks.

In fact, 3D virtual property tours result in 95% more calls than regular listings.

Virtual tours generate considerable interest in real estate listings because they allow potential buyers to explore a property at their own pace. Potential buyers are more likely to make an offer if they spend more time viewing your home. The trend has continued, and post-covid 19 containment has proven its worth, more than ever.

Coming soon: the mandatory use of virtual property tours?

With the help of a virtual tour, you can rent or sell your home much faster. Most real estate agents who have tried this new tool have come to this conclusion. To be competitive in the industry, it is now required of all real estate agencies. Buyers are ready to dive into VR. They are looking for an unprecedented real estate adventure.

Although a virtual tour of a property is not a "quick fix", it gives potential buyers a much more accurate representation of the home than photographs alone. This aspect is crucial for companies that are looking for an international clientele.

According to studies, about 9 out of 10 buyers start their home search on the internet. Although the vast majority of real estate agents now have a website, many still lack the "wow factor" that a multimedia presentation can provide, according to media experts.

When it comes to renting a home, especially one that is already furnished, a virtual tour is valuable. It lets you know what furniture and appliances are in the home.

In order to attract buyers, many sellers now use professional photographers to create virtual tours of their properties. However, with modern technology and a 360° camera, homeowners can create their own virtual tour video for much less money.