Why invest in real estate in Northern Luxembourg?

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Why invest in real estate in Northern Luxembourg?

Investing in real estate in Northern Luxembourg offers a multitude of strategic and financial advantages. In a country with limited territory like Luxembourg, few regions offer as much potential as the North. Since the establishment of Nordstross, this area has attracted the attention of both residents and investors alike. The availability of land and its attractive prices have motivated many developers to embark on the construction of numerous residences and developments. At the same time, the value of existing real estate has increased, leading to a rise in land prices.

With the onset of the real estate crisis, prices in the North have dropped sufficiently to rekindle interest among new buyers in the region's property market. Thanks to new measures by the Luxembourgish government, real estate in the North is becoming accessible again and is suitable for many potential homeowners.

The rise of remote work in many professional fields has made people less dependent on the location of their residence. Additionally, the Northern highway provides access to most locations in less than two hours, making daily or professional commutes easier.

As for house and apartment prices, they can be up to two times lower than in the central part of the country. When it comes to choosing between living in a beautiful natural region as a homeowner or renting accommodation in the country's center, the decision is quickly made.

If you're considering investing in real estate in Luxembourg, consider the Northern region. With its pristine environment, extensive forests and valleys, Lake Esch-sur-Sûre, and historic castles, this region offers tremendous potential. Once the crisis is over, prices are expected to rise significantly, making investments in the North a wise decision for the future.

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