Brighten up your rooms and your life as winter approaches!

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Brighten up your rooms and your life as winter approaches!

Light is an indispensable element of your life. It helps to chase away stress, fatigue and low energy. That's why it is essential to live in a space bathed in light. Not always obvious? Here are some tips to say goodbye to dark rooms.

Draw light directly from the source: windows

To favor natural lighting, focus on the windows. When designing your rooms, it's best to keep the decor near the windows simple. If you avoid bulky furniture near the windows, you will clear the space and allow plenty of light to enter. As for window treatments, light white curtains are the perfect decorative touch to amplify the brightness of the room.

Mirror, oh my beautiful mirror... illuminate me!

When faced with a dark room, a small dummy eye can have a magical effect! Simply place a standing mirror in front of your window to reflect the light from it. The lighting will be greatly enhanced! If you want even more, you can place several mirrors on the wall perpendicular to the window, where the light rays accumulate.

Walls as a halo of light

To brighten up your room, it's best to opt for a light wall. The simplicity of the white wall will refresh the house. If white is not to your taste, you can swap it for a warm color. Yellow promises sunshine!

A few lamps are enough to make your interior sparkle

Multiplying the light sources allows the shadow to dissipate, so don't settle for a central light. Alternate floor lamps, sconces, garlands, lamps, candles ... by positioning them in dark spaces. This is your chance to bring your personal touch to the room!

The brilliance of glass to illuminate your room

The transparent surface of glass can help you in many ways. To counteract a problem of darkness, opt for glass. If you place a glass partition that faces a bright room, its neighbor will enjoy a bath of light. However, if you can't afford to do any work, work with glass in other ways: placed on a table or hung, any decorative element made with this material will allow you to enhance the brightness of the room.

Light as the only decoration

In a dimly lit space (without a sufficient light source), be careful not to choose a decoration that would darken your room even more. Your beautiful and large grandmother's wardrobe will work wonders in another room! For this space, choose a discreet decoration, with low furniture that allows light to enter. It is preferable to opt for sober colors, the pastel trend will suit you perfectly. The same goes for the carpet, which can be white or beige. To accessorize this decor, shiny metal, gold or glittery objects will make the room sparkle!

Plants, a beacon in the night

Plants are always a good idea to air, color and embellish a decoration. In this dark room, they bring a little nature and its benefits. For this, you can choose plants that do not require much light. The caladium for example is not disturbed by the shade while its white leaves bring cheerfulness. This is also the case with the majestic orchid!