The main advantages of a new construction!

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The main advantages of a new construction!

You are considering investing in the Sarrebourg construction project, but you don't know why. Find out in this article why a new build is ideal for your needs.

Completely new and tailored to your needs

Imagine a brand new structure as a blank page. Want to hang Christmas lights but can't find an outlet near the window? This is a fantastic concept! An individual's plan can be tailored to their specific needs. Underground studios, for example, can be partitioned to create two bedrooms and a second bathroom.

Everything is new and modern. You don't have to wait to start "living" in your new home.

Think of the currently unknown cost of refurbishing an old building and removing dangerous elements. A quaint old house can become a pit of despair in no time.

Exciting new gadgets

Of course, new technology and modern standards are installed in a new building. Underfloor heating doesn't just bring comfort. It gives you more floor space without annoying radiators. And so many other ways to set up.

Double-glazed windows have been the standard for many years. Thanks to their special thermal insulation, our multi-glazed flush-mounted windows are a good choice for heat and sound insulation.

The increased sound insulation provided by double-skinned house walls also contributes to living comfort. They considerably reduce the transmission of sound between neighboring houses compared to single-shell house partitions.

Energy and environmental efficiency

Nowadays, it is essential that the energy efficiency of a house is optimal. Efforts must be made to reduce energy consumption.

The use of air source heat pumps and other advanced technologies allows new buildings to significantly reduce heating and auxiliary energy costs. Clearly, new is more cost-effective than old.

Time to celebrate the arrival of a brand new neighborhood

When you buy a BPD home, you not only get a shiny new structure, but also a comfortable place to call home. We don't just build homes for you to live in, but we also shape the surrounding neighborhood.

Parks, playgrounds, parking and public transport are all available to you. With the next generation in mind

Comfortable and welcoming (living) environments are what BPD creates. When a community is designed with sustainability in mind, it retains its appeal long after it is built.

It is also important for us to take into account climate and landscape, energy, mobility and biodiversity in sustainable planning.

New beginnings, new companions

One of the invaluable benefits of moving into a brand new building is the opportunity to move into a community with other families who are also raising young children and who can relate to your experiences as a resident.

New friendships are formed among the residents. An ideal setting for a young family.