With Nextimmo, you win great clients and mandates.

Participation is free and without obligation and you only pay a 1% finder's fee when you close a deal.

With Nextimmo, you win great clients and mandates.

Keep your real estate license

Keep your existing real estate license and we'll refer motivated buyers and sellers in your preferred communities.

Get serious clients

Get serious clients Instead, client reviews appear on a partner's Nextimmo profile to help buyers and sellers choose a realtor.

Receive ⅔ of the commission

When a broker closes a transaction, you own the ⅔ of the commission.

With which real estate agent?

With which real estate agent?

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Becoming a Nextimmo partner has revolutionized my business and my professional progression. I am now living the life I always dreamed of.



With Nextimmo, agents are equipped to succeed.

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93% of completed clients would recommend their Nextimmo partner agent.


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