Selling with LinkedIn and phone calls?

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Selling with LinkedIn and phone calls?

Selling is an artist's job. At each appointment, it is a matter of convincing the buyer as the actor conquers his audience.

Meet the greatest artists of the sale, 'the elite salesmen' to better understand their methods, discover their secrets and their states of mind.

How do they sell more than others? How can you become an elite salesperson in your own right?

Elite Salesman is intended for beginner or confirmed salesmen, in this book, we will learn how to improve our commercial capacity and sell more, faster, and more expensive. There are several prospecting tools (door to door, telephone, mailing, fairs, exhibitions, advertising (press, radio, TV, digital (social networks)).

The two tools, telephone and LinkedIn, are the most practical and accessible, as the other tools are expensive and not available to everyone. LinkedIn is the essential platform to connect B2B professionals, provided that you know how to use it.

  • 88% of decision-makers do not answer cold calls
  • 77% of buyers consult social networks before making a purchase decision
  • 75% of buyers use social networks in their decision process
  • 57% of the purchasing process of customers is done alone online on the Internet
  • 53% of buyers consult the LinkedIn profile of the salesperson with whom they have a business relationship

How to create an irresistible LinkedIn profile in 10 steps :

The photo; an account with a photo is 14 times more consulted than a profile without a photo, you must have a recent and professional photo, especially not a selfie or a photo with family and friends. Need advice on your choice of the photo? Fotofiler; is a site where you can take the opinion of strangers of your photo.

  • The title (trailer) is the one that says who you are; in which you can present your skills or even introduce yourself as a solution provider.

  • Example of a title:

Independent marketing consultant = revenue developer

WordPress developer = attractive website designer

  • Customize your URL

  • Your summary: it is not a cover letter, it should not talk about you, but rather about what you can bring as a solution to your customers, and don't forget to add your cords at the end of the summary.

  • Your experience: do not hesitate to detail it, it is proof of your competence.

  • Your skills: It is your brand image that you need to develop by integrating all the skills that correspond to the keyword your customers are likely, in order to increase your visibility.

  • Recommendations: Giving the word of those who know you, a testimony of your professionalism.

  • Training continues: for a double objective of your credibility.

  • Your publications: blogs, white papers, which will reinforce your experience status.

  • Identify your target prospects and future prospects: to aggregate your network.

The 7 mistakes on LinkedIn

  • Self-satisfaction
  • The desire to sell quickly
  • Narcissism and egocentrism
  • Talking about yourself in the third person in your summary
  • Forgetting to include your contact information
  • Forgetting to like, the more you like, the more your network will like you back
  • Staying passive

9 points to overcome the fear of rejection

  1. Go for the yes, because the no has already acquired you (if you don't try the answer will always be no) 100 calls, 20 contacts, 5 appointments.

  2. You are doing your customers a favor (you are giving your customers a gift).

  3. Preparation is the key to success (a little effort of preparation avoids a big effort of repair) we can prepare our calls and our arguments as long as he does not expect our call and must improvise.

  4. Stop thinking, (and thinking about) this vicious circle and think directly about rejections.

  5. You are precisely paid to be rejected. Reality is part of the job.

  6. Be able to endure serial setbacks, no one makes an appointment with an automaton.

  7. Continue an unavailable armor (convince yourself of your own value, that of your product and your company so that you are not Never be destabilized by your interlocutor who would address you a criticism

  8. You are not wine (why your interlocutor rejects you; stressed out, has personal or professional problems).

  9. Too bad for the prospect (too bad for him, he is the loser)

How do you determine your prospect?

  • Try to confirm and prioritize the most important thing to you right now is that it actually solves your prospect's concerns and lets your prospect actually prioritize the most important things

  • Thank your prospect for their time, obviously lets that person know how much you appreciate them taking their time, but also how much you appreciate them sharing information with you,

  • Set an appointment to call them back or see them face-to-face using another perspective choice near the city I'd like to see you Thursday at 3:35 pm or Friday at 4:45 pm did you hear the non-round numbers I use to mention when there is a particular benefit behind it never let you set an appointment on time.

  • Make sure you get another time and phone number from your prospect, have you noticed in sales once a prospect cancels or reschedules an appointment it's very hard to get an appointment, it's especially hard to get call back points on the phone to avoid this kind of issue, ask your prospect something like just in case we have trouble getting together at 4:45 on Friday we can talk at 4:45 on Monday instead.

  • Make sure you have another time to reach that person by phone in case if you have their work phone number, try to get their personal phone number, if you have their personal phone number and try to get that work phone number.

  • Do the follow-up, try to motivate your prospect to be receptive after they have received written information from you most of the time, even if the first phone call went well, and you were able to send information. Avoid letting your prospect disqualify you by preventing them four times, get them to agree not to make a decision based solely on the material you sent them.

Phone tags

  • You need to specify the time you would like to hear back from your prospect

  • Do business directly on the phone, he is much more likely to call if you simply leave a message saying please, ask him to call - and leave your phone number.

  • You need to be specific about what you are calling about, leave a message, something like please ask them to call me back regarding the October 14th deal, the idea seems to be that your prospect or customer will respond much more quickly if they know exactly what you want then if you just leave your name.

  • You need to follow up with your prospect, ideally two to four days after your last call. The way you follow up with this prospect from the phone, make sure you follow the usual steps to identify yourself with the prospect. Then remind him of your last conversation.

  • Calling a prospect back repeatedly, a very effective technique, never call a prospect back after three tries, the first time, leave a very specific phone message we discussed earlier in the program. The second time you call and ask him to put the message slip you called twice and leave the same specific message on the third try take out your last correspondence or letter you wrote him write a handwritten note, "I called you three times I would like to know if you are interested in taking (). I would also like to know if you are still interested in saving 10% below your current provider, as we discussed."